JourneyPure At The River is located in beautiful Murfreesboro, TN. The inviting and serene center has everything that a client and their family need during recovery, all in one convenient location. The staff can assist the family with their role in the recovery process and offer counseling as well. JourneyPure At The River is a loving, safe environment where you will find the encouragement you need. For family members who have never had a problem with addiction or have never even touched alcohol or drugs, your addiction might be a problem that they simply cannot relate to. Encourage them to seek counseling for your benefit at your recovery center or to join a support group for families of drug and alcohol addicts. While you’re in an inpatient treatment program, your family can take advantage of the time to really see and evaluate how your addiction has affected the family structure.

Because addiction can affect everyone in different ways, the entire family unit must have the opportunity to come together and heal from addiction or substance use. Individual therapy and group counseling sessions at Gateway Foundation are available to both the patient enrolled in our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs and their family members. Many treatment centers, such as Choice House, offer addiction psychoeducation to family support in addiction recovery family members close to the recovering addict. This is because addiction is often misunderstood, and people often hold inaccurate beliefs about the disease. The instruction can take place in the form of workshops, individual and group therapy, and sessions with some of the staff at the treatment center. The family will learn about the causes of addiction, triggers, and the various roles family members may take on in the family system.


This establishes clear boundaries and programs for each family member and their loved one in treatment. For treatment purposes and your family therapy program at Gateway, your family includes your close emotional connections that endure over time. People committed to your recovery are part of your family and the type of people you need around you for ultimate life success. This definition of family means the people participating in your treatment can include blood relatives, extended family, friends, or anyone else emotionally invested in your well-being.

  • Members of these groups have all been negatively affected by addiction and have unique empathy and ability to relate to and support one another.
  • Services can help you find, maintain, and enhance their lives in recovery.
  • The more families are involved in treatment, the more they can engage with and collaborate with clinical staff at a treatment facility.
  • More importantly, they’ll learn the best ways to heal themselves and support their loved one in recovery.
  • Listening to you talk about getting clean and healthy can make them feel uncomfortable.

Besides family therapy for substance use disorder, many treatment centers offer support groups for families dealing with addiction. They provide guidance and support to help promote healthy family roles in addiction. In some cases, parents start misusing drugs or alcohol to cope with their teens’ harmful use. So, parents need to be mindful of their actions and be strong examples.

Ways a support network can help those in recovery

With the help of our doctors, therapists, and wellness coaches, you can fix broken relationships that promote Recovery for Life. When teens skip school, get bad grades, and befriends other teens who misuse drugs and alcohol, it’s frustrating. Parents often worry about where their teen is and who they’re hanging out with. As a result, there are changes in parent’s behaviors and attitudes. While some parents battle being there emotionally for their child, others may misdirect their anger onto others.