Fidal Asiattorneys Vietnam is a full service and business-oriented law firm well known for its deep knowledge and understanding of the Vietnamese business and regulatory environment. From market entry and business set up to M&A and restructuring or liquidation, we are here to assist your long-term success in trading, manufacturing and investing in Vietnam and South East Asia region.


Founded in 2000, Fidal Asiattorneys is a leading full-service commercial law firm in Vietnam that originates from the merger of two well-established international Lawyers: Mr. Albert Franceskinj and Ms. Caroline Chazard, with the largest legal advisory firm in France, Europe’s biggest firm by revenue, and also the largest in terms of workforce, Fidal Law Firm.

Since its establishment it has consistently been one of the most prominent and large law firms in Vietnam.


Our vision is to be the standard of excellence, providing consistently superior services that differentiate us in the marketplace. With offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as other key markets in Asia, the Firm assist the whole spectrum of corporate and commercial transactions, bringing the depth and breadth of more than two decades of market experience in Vietnam, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and throughout the Asia Pacific region.


We are committed to our clients’ long-term success. We deliver strategic, tailored, cost-effective and multidisciplinary legal services to respond to the individual needs of our clients. Our services are:

  • Adapted to its specific situation and industry,
  • Proactive, anticipating emerging needs and adjustable to changes in local legislation,
  • Sensitive to cost control considerations.


At Fidal Asiattorneys, developing client relationships built on trust, commitment, and respect is our top priority. We represent a range of clients, including world leaders corporations in the fields of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, energy and infrastructure, consumer goods and retailing and manufacturing as well as other businesses seeking to establish new investments in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia. The Firm clients also include entrepreneurs and families involved in privately held businesses, non-profit organizations, foundations, and charitable trusts.


With a first-class team of international lawyers qualified in France, Spain as well as locally, we provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for domestic and cross-border matters. The Firm work across practice groups to achieve the aims, goals and objectives of our clients combining experience and expertise.
In addition, through our well-developed network of collaborators around the world we are able to create cross-firm teams and provide integrated services across all jurisdictions in which our clients do business.


Siege Nantes / Paris Bureau


Fidal is the largest leading independent business law firm in France, Europe’s biggest firm by revenue, and also the largest in terms of workforce. For over 90 years now, the Firm has been earning the confidence and assisting in the growth of companies from all industries.


We are ultimately dedicated to our clients to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and service. Our combined sector and practice area approach enables us to remain at the forefront of legal and commercial developments, so that we can work with our clients to identify opportunities and anticipate challenges.


Since its establishment, the Firm has provided assistance to numerous companies in developing their businesses in France and internationally. Fidal’s main clients are large and medium-sized local companies, as well as multinationals and international investors seeking advice on cross-border transactions.


A team of 2.000 lawyers and specialist based in Paris, and dedicated teams in other regions of France, handle cross-border transactions and offer a refreshing approach to legal issues. As experts in all areas of business law, we offer our expertise to our clients wherever they are based from anywhere in France to London, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Abidjan, Ho Chi Minh City or Shanghai.

From its inception, FIDAL has had a client-oriented organization which has since become a model in the industry. This organization enables us to guarantee excellence in both our technical expertise and our relationships with our clients.

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