On the last 14th November 2013, the government issued the decree (No. 182-2013-ND-CP) stipulating minimum area wage rate for employees of enterprises, co-operatives, farms, family households, individuals and other organizations hiring labour.


This decree is applicable to:


–    Enterprises established and which organize their management and operate pursuant to the Law on Enterprises (including enterprises with foreign owned capital in Vietnam)

–    Co-operatives, federation of co-operatives and foreign individuals in Vietnam hiring labour.

–    Foreign agencies and organizations, international organizations and foreign individuals in Vietnam hiring labour (unless a national treaty of which Vietnam is a member contains provisions which are different from this decree). This is quite new.


The following minimum area wage will apply to enterprises:  


2,700,000 VND per month (126,9 US$) Enterprises operating in Area 1, which notably comprises the center of major towns:Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong…
2,400,000 VND per month (112,8 US$)  

Enterprises operating in Area 2, which notably comprises the suburbs of major towns: Hai Duong City, remaining outer city districts of Ho Chi Minh City,  remaining outer city districts of Hanoi…

2,100,000 VND per month (98,7 US$)  

Enterprises operating in Area 3, which notably comprises rural districts: Cam Giang, Nam Sach, Vin Tuong, Phu Ninh…


1,900,000 VND per month (89,3 US$) Enterprises operating in Area 4, which notably comprises disadvantaged districts.


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Application of minimum area wage rates:


–    The lowest wage rate calculated monthly and payable to untrained employees who work the normal number workings hours in normal working conditions must not be less than the stipulated minimum rates.

–    The lowest wage rate payable to trained employees (including courses which an enterprise itself holds) must be at least 7% higher than the minimum wage rates.