How did FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS law firm optimise its sales, financial and HR management with AtemisCloud ?

Law firms are usually seen as ivory towers, full of papers, all desks covered by confidential documents and piles of files lying more or less vertically on the floor, managed by stressed and old fashioned partners.

However, the legal business marketing has dramatically changed in the past years as we have reached “the digital era” and its professional conduct rules have evolved, allowing attorneys at law to notably canvas potential clients (a most recent change in France). In a profession less than renowned for technology innovation, some lawyers have nonetheless embraced this new world of social media marketing, engaging website content for increased communication tools, client information and satisfaction, and some have already gone beyond.

Benefiting from a structured and already efficient internal organization, aware of CSR/sustainability/environmental issues and having already significantly reduced their paper consumption by digitising files and documents, the firm wanted to go further in its digital transformation and benefit from tools that would bring more efficiency, drive growth for the firm in a rapidly changing region and competitive environment.

With AtemisCloud solution, FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS has now a SaaS solution, an amazing asset for their business, and leads the legal business revolution in Vietnam.

FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS was founded by experienced attorneys Albert Franceskinj and Caroline Chazard-Meas, attorneys at law members of the Paris’ Bar association and experienced practionners in both Europe then in Southeast Asia since 1997 and 2002 respectively, and the major law firm FIDAL (the largest business law firm in France and continental Europe in terms of revenue). They provide their international clients (SMEs, SMIs, MNCs) with international and domestic legal advice on their business operations and investments in ASEAN. With a team of 15 employees, FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS provides the best guide to clients in their strategic and legal choices in South-East Asia from their hub in Ho Chi Minh city. 

They used to face internal challenges such as:

  • Weeks to consolidate, manage the invoices and their payment;
  • Individual working schedules/time sheet saved in excel files and reconciled at the end of the month;
  • No CRM enabling automatised management and gathering of all clients to lead information, and sectorise legal update;
  • Time to manage internal processes in regards with HR tools.

Understanding the advantages of cloud computing such as flexibility, affordability, security and 24/7 access, FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS chose AtemisCloud solutions to improve their CRM, HR, Finance and Administration activities.

In order to answer their initial needs, AtemisCloud provided an Invoicing and timesheet cloud solution. The Firm then enjoys 100% paperless law practice. All employees can manage their working schedule and share information in real time about their completion at a glance.

The information entered by the employees is gathered and the invoices are then automatically edited at the end of the month. Invoicing takes few minutes only and spare days of work. The links of the invoices are sent directly by email to the customers. They can open the invoices as PDF files and access from their extranet to the hours, documents and details shared on their projects. A better service proposed by Fidal to its customers, with a real collaboration and transparency on the work and fees invoiced.

Deep customer insights, now allows a better productivity within its firm and more accurate sharing of information with clients.


The more the firm got familiar with AtemisCloud, the more its partners understood the benefits that cloud computing could bring to their organization, and enlarged the use of the solution with the full CRM modules.

One month later, FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS made one step further by installing the HRM Cloud solutions. AtemisCloud manages the full candidate and employee’s details, and HR processes. The holiday requests are created in one click and the validations managed in few seconds. Less administration costs improve the net results of the company and allow the partners to focus on more added-value tasks.

People love to work hard if the tasks are smarter and quicker. So does FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS. Thus they have more time to focus on sales, on improving the quality of services and on their clients’ satisfaction. 

As a report of Legal IT Professionals’ online survey[1], 81% of respondents expect the cloud will overtake “on-premise computing in the legal services industry”. Attorneys are no longer confined to their beautiful offices to practice. They can now work in a collaborative way from anywhere, thanks to the cloud.

About Asiattorneys

We provide our international clients (SMEs, SMIs, MNCs) with international and domestic legal advice on their business operations and investments in South East Asia. With a combined advisory and litigation practice we take a comprehensive approach to business law which we believe is essential both to ensuring an overall understanding of the client’s interests and to accurately defining and implementing effective strategies tailored to the client’s needs and objectives.

Our clients include European and Asian companies as well as international and diplomatic organizations. They all benefit from our international experience, our understanding of local laws and practices, our network of relationships within both business and governmental organizations, and our bicultural teams. They also benefit from the know-how and position of our partner, FIDAL, a top-notch law firm that is pursuing its goal of international expansion to be able to accompany its clients wherever their projects lead.

Specialties: Corporate, M&A, investment in South East Asia, Spain & Latin America desk, Infrastructure, Major projects, Financing structuring, PPP, Employment, Distribution, Franchise, competition


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