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Hubert MARTINI is an international business & trade consultant, specializing among others in international payment techniques, financing and risk management. Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Cachan), Associate professor of economics, finance and management, holding a Master II of Economy from the Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University, and the Diploma in Higher Accounting Studies (DECS).

Hubert and his consulting firms IFACE EXPERTS established in France and EUROASIA IFACE EXPERTS CONSULTING in Vietnam have an extensive experience in securing and optimising trading operations of banks and companies (large groups, SMEs) in France and abroad, combined with an effective pedagogy recognized through hundreds of missions over the last twenty years. They involve in all areas of international trade techniques, whether export issues, import or location (international finance / export financing, international payment techniques, credit insurance, international contract law, international transport, taxation and customs import and export, incoterms, risk management …)

His areas of expertise are: international finance, credit insurance, international contract law, international transport, taxation and customs, risk management… Hubert reinforces our services offer around

  • Drafting documentary credit text for import and export;
  • Control of the documentary chain in the case of a documentary credit export before banking;
  • Negotiation of LCSB export and import;
  • Analysis of texts of guarantees and guarantees offered by the foreign buyer and negotiation of counter-proposals;
  • Negotiation with clients of financial terms;
  • Search for country risk security solutions (silent confirmation, del credere …);
  • Installation of export financing with resort to the fixed price …;
  • Search for customs information for import and export;
  • Construction of an international logistics solution for export or import;
  • Producing a slide show and explanatory notes for banks; (educational support for internal training or in the direction of the bank’s client companies) …

Author of many books (including the famous annually updated “Le Petit Export”) and articles in the specialized press, excellent pedagogue (currently professeur at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations: INALCO), he is renowned for his listening skills and the relevance of his advice. He coordinates a comprehensive team of international trade specialists.


Dunod Publisher

  • Le Petit Export, Dunod Publisher 12th edition February 2018
  • International Trade Techniques 1st Edition October 2017
  • International trade 3rd edition March 2012
  • Management of International Trade Operations, 8th edition, January 2009 edition
  • Management of International Trade Operations, 1st edition September 2008
  • Management Tools for Commercial 1998 (2nd edition March 2002)
  • Management Tools Applied to International Trade 1996.
  • Successfully complete the 1994 International Business Case Study.

Publisher Bank Review

  • Documentary credit, stand-by, sureties and guarantees September 2010 2nd edition Bank Review Edition 720 pages (3rd edition January 2015 – integration of compliance and PBIS December 2018)
  • Credit insurance in the world: mechanisms and perspectives (February 2004)

Gualino Publisher

  • International Trade Techniques (3rd edition 2004)
  • Documents Import-Export 2nd edition (December 2001)

Ellipses Editions

  • Preparation for DESCF UV2 and the Agrégation d’Economie-Gestion (September 1999).

ICTIS edition Algiers

  • Exporters, Exporting is good, getting paid is better … ICTIS edition October 2010 – 164 pages in association with Algex and Optimexport in Algiers (Securing export operations for Maghreb exporters)

Articles in the professional press and on the Internet: Geoscopy, Asexport, Conquer, MOCI,

International Trade Finance Procedures for Exporters of ECOWAS (West Africa) for UNCTAD in Geneva – Field Deployment Training Kit (Internal Use)

New edition of credit insurance worldwide (2014 forecast) Edition Revue Banque

Languages: French, English

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Attorney-at-Law admitted to the Paris Bar, Founding Partner


Attorney-at-Law admitted to the Madrid Bar, Associate head of LatAm desk – Vice Honorary Consul of Spain

Caroline CHAZARD

Attorney-at-Law admitted to the Ho Chi Minh City Bar, Senior Associate

LUONG Thuy Nhi Phương

Attorney at law admitted to the HoChiMinh City’s Bar association, Associate

NGUYEN Thi Minh Tuyen

Legal advisor, Associate


Assistant – Interpreter

Julien TRAN

Civil law expert, Of Counsel

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PharmaHealth expert, Of Counsel

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HR expert: Coaching & management, Of Counsel


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China Desk, Of Counsel Expert advisor for Chinese enterprises


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